Frequently Asked Questions

Sorry, there are no refunds.  You do have some options:

You may sell or transfer your registration. After your entry is sold or given away, log into to make the changes (no extra fees).

You may pick up your swag or have a friend pick up for you at packet pickup (no extra fees).

If you would like your swag mailed, for a $15 shipping cost fee.  To request shipment please email

Most likely. Check out our Race Directors page for detailed information, then email and let’s talk.  We love working with charities and groups to help create awesome events!

Maybe. We work with several charities and love supporting them. They must be involved with at least one of our events though.  Email to find out.

No, were outside all day. There is plenty of shade. Please bring hydration and supplies to help you keep yourself cool.

Scoring will be determined by the number of loops FINISHED before the race clock hits 12:00 hours. For Solo runners, a triathlon style timing strap. For relay teams, a baton to pass to each other, which has a triathlon style timing strap.This will track each time you cross the start/finish line.

All loops must be finished by 7:00 p.m. otherwise it will NOT COUNT as your/team loop.

Not quite. We rented the entire park, but we do not have security to enforce it. Chances are good that park visitors will come and use the trails too.  Last year, it was not an issue.

We recommend, tents/canopies (10 x 10 size), chairs, tables, coolers with ice, food/drinks for a royal picnic (breakfast, lunch, fruits, energy gels, crackers, sports drinks, etc), sunscreen, anti-chafe solutions, bug spray, change of clothing (shirt, shorts, shoes, etc.) and towels. Please note: What you bring in, goes back out with you. Trash cans will be available on site.

Yes, but we STRONGLY recommend they skip the first loop – or you start well behind the crowd.  This is a fairly tight trail (usually 2 runners wide), and dogs – as well as humans – can freak each other out.  Usual rules apply, pick up after your pet.

This is not a stroller-friendly course at all.  If you have an off road stroller you wish to push, please start in the back and be courteous to other runners.

Not a problem. You and your team will decide who, when, and how each other alternates running loops.

Everyone receives a Royal Beast medal whether running on a team or solo!

Everyone receives a tech shirt whether on a team or solo!

No, please bring your own Royal Picnic. Beer, Wine, Soda, Water, Gatorade and some snacks will be available all day. At 7:00pm, the Post Party will include: Pizza.

We are a rain-or-shine event. However, safety is important. If a bad storm with lightning and/or heavy wind moves through, we may have to shut down until the storm passes.
We will use our weather apps to monitor conditions throughout the day.

If weather approaches, we will officially pause timing/scoring and all runners will have to stop after they finish their loop. All canopies/tents should be lowered for safety. Please have tents/canopies staked or weighed down. Once the weather passes, we will restart the event but we will NOT restart the clock. Therefore if the weather causes a 40 minute pause, the event now becomes a “11 hour and 20 minute race”.

Free parking is available at Southeastway Park, however space is limited so please car pool.

Is a 1+mile Mostly-Dirt-Trail-Loop. Some grass and pavement to run on also. How many loops can you conquer in 12 Hours?

At the park Friday afternoon.

Yes!  They can cheer you on, give you supplies, or take naps…  However, if they want food, please Add On Spectator Pass during your registration.  $10/spectator allows them to be able to eat and drink with us.

Yes!  Thanks for taking care of us! Please use Coupon Code MILITARY, FIRE, POLICE, or AMBULANCE to save 10%